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Why do people need to use sports belt? What’s benefit if you use sports belt


Sports belt is originated from Japan in 1970s. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China has adopted such belt and officially make good use of it, which is mainly used at sports game field and medical training recovery. It contributes to the athletes to win the awards also reduce the pain for some patients.

When we are watching the sports games, we will see some athletes are tied with tapes on their body, which are sports tapes. Most people not familiar with these do not understand why the athletes need to use sports tape? What’s good?

1、Reason for using sports tape

First of all, the professional name of such tape is called muscle effective tape, which is what we call sports healthy steel plates. Actually this tape is not sticky and no medical inside. Therefore, the Olympic Committee does not forbid it in the sports games all over the world.

Secondly, most friends will have concerns why it does not fall off during exercises without any glue? As a matter of fact, this tape is not falling off because of its structure, which has deep curve pattern on the back of tapes. Such marks are made of combined polyester which will stick onto people’s skins once attached during moving.

2、Good for using sports belt

Once the sports tapes attach to skin, such hardness will keep the athletes muscles and muscle fascia in the formula of using strength, leading to no lactic acid can be produced. As we all know, when we feel muscle aching is because they’ve produced the latic acid during exercises. Once they put up such sports belt, the athletes will keep stronger condition to win better scores in the games.

As such belt is made of combined polyester with bigger hole than other fabric, the gas permeability is good, nowadays not only in the games people use it but also in medical recovery field. Many hospitals has adopted this advantage to treat some ache for patients leading by muscles. This is really a benefit for people who doesn’t taking exercises but often facing joint pains, which will help to remove the pain quite effectively.

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