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Do you need a running hydration belt?


Training for a marathon or just running to stay in shape is a very good idea, especially if you are a fan of fitness. But more often than not, you will find yourself challenged by the fact that you dehydrate really fast. It’s something that will happen quite often, and it’s mostly related to the fact that you lose water while running. Sweating will always bring in water loss, and that’s why you need a good running hydration belt to help you keep water bottles with you and hydrate when needed.

When should you buy a running hydration belt?

Normally we recommend you to buy a running hydration belt when you are a serious runner. If you run every day or every week, it’s safe to say that this is a passion and you want to stay in shape. Or maybe you are training for an event. Either way, you are running a lot and you need to find the right way to hydrate yourself. Getting a dedicated running hydration belt to help you avoid dehydration actually works really well and you have to take such a product into consideration as much as you can.

Of course, the running hydration belt is also a good purchase if you run from time to time. Although in that case you most likely don’t want to spend a lot of money so you end up going for the cheaper units. Normally if you want a good running hydration belt with storage pouches for extra stuff, you will end up paying more. But the product quality is just as important, as you do want to get the best value for your money, that’s for sure.

Is a running hydration belt durable?

The thing that a lot of people are afraid of nowadays is purchasing an item just to end up throwing it away because it doesn’t last that much. And that might happen if you get a low tier running hydration belt. What you want to do is to get the best value and quality for the money, as that’s the thing that really matters here. That being said, focusing on results and investing in a good belt is what you want to focus on.

What about waist packs?

Waist packs are a type of running hydration belt that you normally attach to the waist and then it will stay there for the duration of your running experience. It can be a bit tricky to find the right waist pack, true, but most of these are actually very comfortable. Due to the lower price point, they might not be the most durable, yet that’s a risk you have to assume.


Finding the right running hydration belt for you might be a challenge, but it can also be a great experience. We recommend you to take that into account and see what works for you and how you can adjust everything to deliver the best results. Of course it’s not going to be easy to pick a good running hydration belt, but if you have patience you will have no problem getting the right running hydration belt that suits your needs!

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