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The running belt factory boss told you How to select your running belt


Most running belts are made of Nylon or Oxford or canvas. To get your favorite running belt, you will have to select from fabrics, colours and pattern also functions. What’s more, nowadays, it is part of your fashion matching with clothes and shoes.


Here are some tips for your selection:


1) Colour: First important step is to get some idea of what you want to match your running belt. No matter whether you want to match it with the clothes you already bought, or shoes you are going to buy. Better to buy your clothes first then you can find the relevant running belt to match as unity.


2) Fabric or materials: There are so many different option for making running belts, for example, real leather, PU, canvas, nylon, polyester, oxford etc.. Majority in the market is made of Nylon. You will need to match the colour and pattern also function on the single running belt.


3) Pattern: There are functional running belts for Marathon with plate bibs, also running belts with water bottle, which is more convenient for your running. Then you have to check the length of strap whether it fits your waist and how’s the pattern? Do you want simple or complicated? Single or double pouches you want? Besides, where do you want to hang it? Waist or arm or across? Some people will pay attention on the pouch size as well as they want to put every accessories inside.


4) Quality checking: After that, it will be important to check the quality of running belt. Try to tear a bit when you get your running belt whether have the elastic strength. How’s the sewing and whether they line straight. Whether leather is perfect without any wrinkle? Whether metal parts in good quality? Most important part will be the zip, which will need to protect the mobile and cards also other accessories that should be stable and easily moving forward then backward.


Running could be a good fun when you set your hands free with a good running belt.

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