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How much should you pay for a running waist belt


If you are passionate about fitness, you always want to push the boundaries and bring in better results every time you run. But that’s why you need to invest in a good, reliable running waist belt. The challenge is, how much will you have to pay for such a unit? It all comes down to multiple factors, but what really matters is the value you receive and the experience as a whole.
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Inexpensive running waist belt options

Most of the time the cheapest running waist belt will be around $10 or $15. But as the name suggests, this is not a very reliable unit. After all, you get what you are paying for. At the lowest price point, most of the time you end up with low quality materials. Most running waist belts that are very affordable don’t really have any form of reliability and that on its own can be a problem. Yet at the same time, if you barely run, then that won’t really be very important for you.

Medium price points

When it comes to a running waist belt with some added features, you might have to pay $20-$30 or around those lines. The idea here is to find what type of extras you can get. Usually this means stuff like adjustability and a Velcro closure. Sometimes the product quality is also better, you get a bit more premium stuff, which is good for a product of this caliber. It all comes down to getting the right value, and that’s what matters in the end.

High end running waist belts

Once you pay more than $30-$50 on a running waist belt, it’s clear that you are very serious about running. Most of the time a running waist belt at this price will have insulated flasks added in the price, it will be very easy to adjust and fit yourself, and it will also include additional storage. Plus, most units at this price tend to be very light and easy to fit. That’s great, because when you pay a premium price for a running waist belt, you really want to get the best possible value that you can and that alone will be well worth it for sure. Some running waist belts at this price even have a key ring that helps you secure some of the items inside.

You get what you pay for

As you can see, the quality of a running waist belt will increase with the price. Sometimes that’s not always the case, but for the most part it will be. And what really matters is what you are willing to pay for all this stuff. If you know what you are getting into, this will be well worth it. Just remember that you want to adapt and adjust depending on the price points. Once you take your time and avoid any rush, it will be well worth the effort. Remember that you need to adjust your budget if you want all the bells and whistles, otherwise a simpler unit will do!

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